• Add a new lead quickly with whatever information you have, then flesh it out later with contact info, dates, and notes.
  • Filter and list potential clients based on their current status: whether they’re waiting on you for pricing info, or getting ready to book.
  • Automatically tracks your activity with a lead, so you can see a timeline of when they inquired, and how quickly you replied.
  • When your client’s ready to book, move them to your active jobs board with a click. 
  • Set up your workflow once. As you add jobs to it, you get a bird’s eye view of each job’s progress and context.
  • Add time-based alarms on specific steps 
  • Make notes on steps with URLs for quick access to online galleries, or contacts.
  • Create step groups to divide your workflows into manageable milestones. 

Metrics that Matter

Terminl Metrics are the perfect way to review the growth of your business. Watch progress grow across social media platforms, see how many bookings you’ve made and which months are your strongest. No other platform gives you such comprehensive data in one place.

Keep track of web visitors and social media followers while simultaneously measuring the success of your products and your client growth. Terminl integrates with your business's Twitter, Facebook, and Google Analytics accounts so you don't have to keep jumping around the internet to keep tabs on your stats.


Contact is a click away

Keep your clients’ contact information right next to their workflows, notes, and shoot info. 

Need directions to the shoot? Google maps is a click away, along with links to email, Skype calls, and URLs—so you can get in touch with your clients without losing sight of their tasks.



Archive finished clients and Terminl will hold on to all their notes, contact information, and progress. They'll even be searchable, so you can always pull up a phone number or email address quickly.


Want to see the clients who need the most work first, or do you prefer to tackle the line alphabetically? Even if you change it up every few minutes, you'll appreciate Terminl's beautiful, intelligent sorting that will put your spreadsheet to shame.


Set alarms on your workflow so you can tell right away if a step goes unchecked for too long. Rather than a glaring list of overdue tasks, Terminl indicates your overdue alarms with a simple color shift, so you can asses them all at a glance.


When you have a large list of clients, you need to be able to get to relevant information fast. That's why Terminl is built with ultra-fast live search. See your results improve with every keystroke.

Super Support

You don't have to look far to find help. With an ever-expanding FAQ, a twitter account manned by humans, and an integrated support ticket system, you never have to feel lonely.

Set and Forget

Set it and forget it. Spend a few minutes setting up your workflows, and watch yourself save hours of hassle. Because Terminl lets you add a new client with a single click.

Drag and Drop

There's nothing worse than building a complex system only to have to start from scratch because you added a step or changed your workflow. That's why Terminl allows seamless renaming and drag-and-drop reordering.

A Personal Note

For years we’ve dealt with poorly designed, complicated, and expensive studio management software. While we were building our own photography business, we learned a lot about simplifying and optimizing, but software out there never seemed to jive with that sentiment. That’s why we built Terminl. It’s a lightweight, effective and beautiful app designed to cut out the fluff and give you a great experience managing the back-end of your business. We’re not a massive company, but we’re passionate about what we do. That’s why we’re personally there to help you along any step of the way. Thanks for your support!

Taylor Allen
Darren Squashic
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